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Elizabeth Kosmetatos, , IBCLC

Elizabeth Kosmetatos IBCLC

Elizabeth was born & raised in New York, attended Fordham University at Rose Hill, Bronx NY and Ross University Medical School, where she completed her pediatrics residency at Flushing Hospital Medical Center, Bronx NY.

Recently Liz realized that although she loved helping children and young adults of all ages, she always gravitated towards newborns. "As a former Pediatrician I know my patients received the appropriate care and attention they deserved. However, breastfeeding moms and babies often don't get the care and attention they need to thrive. So after careful consideration, I realized I could have a positive impact on newborns as a Lactation Consultant. As an IBCLC, I am well equipped to provide newborns, moms & their families with comprehensive breastfeeding support services, while still working in medical field. I look forward to delivering on PAKs mission and supporting NEPA Breastfeeding Center goals by providing expert breastfeeding services to all Moms in the region."

An IBCLC is a healthcare professional that specializes in the clinical management of breastfeeding.



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