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Well visits and annual physicals are vital to prevention and detection of childhood illnesses and diseases. Immunizations and review of systems are typically performed during well visits. Physical forms for school, sports, camps, day care facilities, etc., unless otherwise indicated in writing on the physical form, are typically completed as part of an annual physical exam. We ask you to make your next well child appointment at check out so you may choose a day and time that fits your needs.The list below is our recommended schedule for well child visits.

We follow the CDC  and American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations for screenings for all children to receive the standardized screening as part of their well-child care. Many children with developmental delays are not identified as early as possible.  In the Untited States 13% of children 3-17 years of age have a developementa/behavior disability such as autism, intellectual disability and attention-deficit /hyperactivity disorder.   These screenings are administered at 9,18,24,and 30 month well visits and assist with defining motor skills, social-emotional, self help, and expressive language.

During a well visit children 11 years and up will be given a depression screening.  The Statistics on teenage suicide and depression has grown rapidly over the years.  Teen suicide is the 3rd largest reason for teenage deaths.  The nurse might ask the parent to step out side of the exam room while asking your teenager the depression screening.

These screenings, recommended by CDC and Bright Futures, may or may not be covered by your health insurance. They may be applied to your deductible/coinsurance; therefore you may be responsible for payment.     

Pediatric Associates of Kingston Well Child Visit Schedule

2-5 Day Visit 2 Month Visit 9 Month Visit 18 Month Visit
2 Week Visit 4 Month Visit 12 Month Visit 24 Month Visit
1 Month Visit 6 Month Visit 15 Month Visit 30 Month Visit
Annual Well Visits for 3 Years & UP

Bright Futures Parent Handouts:

  2-5 Day Visit   24 Month Visit
  2 Week Visit   30 Month Visit
  1 Month Visit   3 Year Visit
  2 Month Visit   4 Year Visit
  4 Month Visit   5 & 6 Year Visit
  6 Month Visit   7 and 8 Year Visit
  9 Month Visit   9 and 10 Year Visit
  12 Month Visit   11-14 Year Visit
  15 Month Visit   15 to 17 Year Visit
  18 Month Visit   18 to 21 Year Visit

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