New Patients and Families

New Patients and Families

Expectant Parents

Our Ready, Set, Home program is designed to better prepare you to bring your baby home from the hospital as well as meet our Physicians. You will learn how to soothe your baby for those first few nights home along with tips and tricks on caring for your baby to help alleviate common fears new parents often feel when bringing baby home for the first time.

This program also includes a Meet-N-Greet with our Physician's for a Group Prenatal visit, with the opportunity to interact one on one with our physicians, who are available to answer any questions. We also include a walking tour of our office to make you more comfortable your first time here with baby.

Visit our Events Calendar to register for our Meet-N-Greet with Ready, Set, Home program for expectant parents and care givers.

We also encourage our new families to review our Office Policies to help assist in any questions or concerns they may have before their first appointment.

Scheduling a New Patient Appointment??

We first must have a copy of the child's/children's Immunization records along with complete medical record from their previous primary care physician.

To request the patient's medical records you may sign our Records Release which can be faxed to the facility to obtain the records. You may also contact their previous care physician to request them.

Preparing for your first visit??

You now have access to New Patient forms that can be printed off and completed to bring to your first visit along with the patients insurance card.


Frequently Asked Insurance Questions


Insurance Information

For your convenience, we have provided links to several of the major insurance companies so you can easily check your benefits and claim status. PAK  participates with many other insurances that are not listed below. Please call us so we can discuss your particular insurance concerns.

You can reach the billing department by telephone at 570-288-6543 OPTION 6

  1. What insurances do you take?
    PAK takes most  insurances including Highmark, GHP,  UnitedHealthcare, Aetna, and Cigna. Please contact your insurance to be sure we are listed in your network or contact our office for more information.
  2. What is my copayment*?
    Your copayment amount or "copay" is determined by your insurance company and is often listed on your insurance card. Please contact your insurance for more information. *Please note, we are typically considerd a PCP office unless otherwise specified by your insurance and copays are due at the time of service so please be prepared to pay or you may be rescheduled.
  3. I paid my copayment, so why am I getting a bill?
    You may have a deductible or co-insurance percentage that was applied to your charges-on top of or in lieu of your copay. Please contact your insurance for detailed claims processing information.
  4. What is a deductible and a co-insurance?
    A "deductible" is a set dollar amount that you may pay out of pocket for some services to any provider before your insurance company will pay. A "co-insurance" is a percentage of a charge that you pay out of pocket. Please contact your insurance to see if you have a deductible and/or co-insurance that applies to your charges.
  5. What if I don't have insurance?
    At PAK, we understand the importance of quality healthcare and we encourage all children to seek care no matter their insurance situation. We do require that all services are paid for in full at or before the time of service. Some services are eligible for discounts when paid in full at the time of service. Please contact the office for details.
  6. What's covered under my insurance plan?
    PAK cannot quote benefits because we are not an insurance company and we do not administer benefits. Please contact your insurance company for more information about specific benefits.
  7. Can I make payments on my balance?
    In most cases yes. Please contact the office for details.
  8. What are my payment options? Can I pay my bill online, over the phone or in person? We accept the following methods of payment: cash, checks (personal and cashier), money orders, VISA and MasterCard. You may pay your bill via mail, in person, or over the phone with a credit card. Online payments are available through our website.
  9. I never got a bill but I was told I had a balance. Why?
    Our system does not generate statements for balances $4.99 or less. Those are considered "small balances" and will typically be collected from you at your next appointment.
**Please remember, this information is simply a brief overview of PAK policies and is subject to change without notice.



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