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EZ Care!

We offer EZ Care hours for an extra level of service and convenience for all our families — which is especially helpful for families with busy schedules, before/after work and school.

EZ Care is only for straightforward illnesses.  No appointment necessary, just walk in. Patients seen first come first served.


**** AM EZ Care ****
  8am-9am, Mon-Fri


*** PM EZ Care ***
 5pm-7pm, Mon-Thur

*** WEEKEND EZ Care ***
    9am-12pm, Sat-Sun


EZ Care only for...

  • Children 4 months and older
  • Symptoms fewer than 4 days
  • Routine health problems (sore throat, ear aches, cough, fever, rash, runny nose)

Patients seen first-come, first-served...

Because certain health issues/types of patients require additional time and resources, children younger than 4 months, with symptoms longer than 4 days, and/or with chronic or complex health problems (like asthma, headaches, stomach aches) are not approriate for EZ Care hours. In these cases, please schedule a regular appointment through our Triage/Care Coordination Team so that we can best manage your childs health.


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