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Pediatric Associates of Kingston  Established in 1967

Our office consists of pediatricians, nurse practitioners, physicians assistants, lactation consultants, certified asthma educator, along with a comprehensive Pediatric trained clinical staff, patient service representatives and business office, who team up to deliver expert Pediatric care to 30,000 patients from the Wyoming Valley region.

Through the years we have cared for thousands of babies and children. Many parents in our practice were patients here as children and now look to us to provide medical care to their children and families. To us, this is the highest compliment to our committment to caring for your children. And why we take pride in our mission...'Taking Exceptional Care of the Next Generation Since 1967'.


Pediatric Associates opens in 1976- built specifically for two medical groups, Pediatric Associates of Kingston and OB-GYN Associates. The two groups were both pioneers in their respective practices in the Wyoming Valley.

Dr. Joseph Klein, MD and Dr. Sheldon Klueger, MD, both well known and highly respected Pediatricians, formed a new group practice welcoming a new Pediatrician to the area, Dr. Edwin L. Lyons, MD.

Early in 1970- the untimely death of Dr. Kluger, leaving the practice to function with two physicians until joined by John C. Gaudio, MD in July of 1971.

Following the Agnes Flood in June of 1972, the practice had to function and operate out of two connected mobile homes at the far end of the parking lot. While the devastated office was essentially completely rebuilt using the original plans. 


Summer 1978- Dr. John P. Rogers, MD joins PAK

Early 1980's- renovations and expansion at Pediatric side of office.
 Michael W. Harris, MD joins PAK


Early January 1980- an office was established in Mountain Top and had functioned there for a number of years.

Late 1982- Dr. Joseph Klein retires, after practicing medicine for a total of 43 years. Also, in 1982 our Mountain Top location closed.

May 1995- Practice became part of General Medical Services.

2000's to present- The events that fashioned PAK into what it is today are:

Dr. Lyons retires in late 2002

PAK returns to a private practice status

Dr. Azra Sehic, MD joins


June 2003- Dr. Jeffrey R. Kile, MD joins PAK


Dr. Matther Berger's office occupies old OB-GYN office

January 2008- Major renovations- PAK occupies entire building

September 2014- Dr. Azra Sehic, MD leaves PAK
Dr. Michelle Kunec-Sudo, DO joins PAK


April 2015- PAK welcomes their first Physicians Assistant- Amy Flaherty, PA

August 2015- PAK welcomes their first Nurse Practitioner Natalie Gilboy, CRNP

December 2015- Dr. John Pr. Rogers, MD retires

February 2016- PAK welcomes Nurse Practitioner and our new Lactation Specialist Darnetta Yusko, CRNP, IBCLC

May 2016- PAK welcomes Allen Sabatino, CRNP. Allen is also our Certified Asthma Educator

June 2016- Michael W. Harris, MD retires

July 2016- PAK welcomes Dr. Steven Leung, MD

October 2016- PAK welcomes Dr. Alvaro Reymunde, MD

July 2017- PAK welcomes Dr. Aimee Johnson, MD


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